Don Lopez “el Cubano” in brief, is a real representation of the traditional Cuban culinary. It originates from the spices, flavours and the traditional cooking methods inherited by the Taino natives. These were later combined with influences from Spanish and African cuisines, and what’s more, the inspirations from the neighbouring island in the Caribbean makes today’s Cuban tastes one of a kind.

The roast pork sandwiches are extremely popular across the Island, that be at a Carnival, a food kiosk, street stall, or from the windows of a private house. The “pan con lechon asado” aka “bocadito” (amongst Cubans) is a tradition that has traveled around the world and still today is one of the renown specialties of the Cuban kitchen. So please join us, enjoy the delicious taste and flavours of the Bocadito, we guarantee you’ll love the experience.

See you soon!!!